SmCo is also named SmCo magnetic steel, SmCo permanent magnet, SmCo permanent magnetic iron or rare earth cobalt permanent magnet. It’s a kind of material made from rare earth metal samarium and cobalt and produced by after a series process burdening, melting, milling, pressing and sintering. SmCo magnets are available in a number of different grades that span a wide range of properties and application requirements.

High magnetic properties, outstanding thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance, surface treatment is not needed.
Metallic in appearance and stable physical property. As the brittleness of SmCo material, it is not suitable for complex shapes and thin disc or ring, and the SmCo magnets should be handled carefully and gently.

Due to major component with high purity of Cobalt (99.95%) , the price of SmCo magnets is higher than other permanent magnets.

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Physical Properties